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Category: Action

Rise Of Mushroom Kingdom 4
The final part of the thrilling series! Can Mario get his revenge agai…

Starcraft FA 3
'This is an awesome game to play, you protect you base while re-fillin…

The Game
Use the claw to pick up the biohazard men while avoiding the dangers o…

Rocket Bob
'Help Bob jump from one platform to another, through the dense city sk…

Safari Park Apeldoorn
Help the king of the jungle take a ride through his kingdom standing o…

Sky Diver
Patch up your sky diving skills.

Soul Mech
Walk the streets and fight off the bad'ies with your sword

Space Explorer
Land your ship on one of the platforms and go to the next level!

Space Runner
'This is a fantastic game, with a similar concept to the classic Helic…

Splat 'em
Splat food all over the people you really hate.

Star Cruiser
Fly your space ship around the caverns shoot down walls and enemies.

The Second Line Game
'Explore every nook and corner of the house as a fly, and find the hid…

The Way of The Stick
A Stick version of The Matrix!

Tomb Digger
'Guide the guy who looks oddly like Bob The Builder around, nicking th…

Towel Fighters
Ever towel fought a friend? Learn some new moves for next time here.

War in Iraq
Walk around with your soldier and kill iraqi troops before they shoot …

Worm Hole
Navigate your space ship as far as you can through the Gaudian Wormhol…

Bug on a Wire
Stay on the wire and don??t get eaten by birds!

Alien Attack
Eliminate all alien ships at all cost

'Destroy other ship, gain more fuel, destroy more ships, gain even mor…

A puzzle game that required quick reflex

Street Fighter II
Another Street Fighter clone in Flash

Classic snake game with a twist - eat different fruits to observe stra…

Tha Viruz
Shoot whatever appear on screen to wins!

Rides on the mono-cycle and punch all who try to go near your girl fri…

Flash version of the board game. Your mission is to find out the locat…

Little Shepherd
'As shepherd, you duty is obvious: guide the mindless sheeps safely ba…

Graveyard of Drunken Souls
'You get to choose one of the funny hat to customise your character be…

Guide your spaceship safely through all of the missions.

Red Beard
'Jump around as Red Beard, in this great platform game.'

Go Santa
Help Santa perfect his skiing skills.

Bomber Bob
Fly your plane up and down shoot down other planes coming towards you …

A Horde of evil monsters rampaged the kingdom and has abducted the Kin…

Clash'N Slash v2
Defend your planet from UFOs and other space ships by shooting them wi…

Combat Heaven
'Lost deep inside a desert, try to survive the attack of enemy jets an…

Crab Wars
Defend the crab territory from the attacking spiders! Help the crab to…

Dick Quick's Island Avdenture
'Dick's been a bit of an umm.. idiot, and crashed his plane into the s…

Digi Ninja
Kill the monkeys that are terrorising you

Energon Within
'Your under attack. Protect the mine as long as you can. If the decept…

Et Hell Fire
Take control of a Surface-to-Air missile site and blast the dropping b…

Fear Unlimited
'Kill undead enemies with your sword, shoot them with your machine gun…

Happy Holidays
In this game you are Santa and you need to go to all the houses before…

Heli Attack 3
'Destroy all enemy units to progress through snow, jungle, canyon land…

Hyperrr Cat
Blast the mice with your pistol!

Insect Hunter 2: Frozen
Slither around the area and eat up those nasty insects.

Jingle Balls
Throw snowballs and whack innocent passers-by in humbug fashion.

Keith Annihilation
'You're an elite soldier of the Vietnam war, and you have been sent on…

The little raccoon is robbing all the shoes! Your aim is to help him i…

'Get all the colorful balls scattered around a maze to the goal, befor…

Life Buoys
Can you save the people from the burning ship before it is too late?

Lucky Balls
Shoot the balls to form packs of 3 or more.

Mario Brother 2
An awesome game taken from the Nintendo. Who doesn't love Mario?Your M…

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